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TAC s.a.s
Legal residence: France
Contact person: Sofia PESCA, Project Management and Development
Address: La Saigeais 35140 Saint Hilaire des Landes, France
Phone: 33(0)2 99 39 31 40
Sectors: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Trade, SME & Private Sector, Finance & Accounting
Funding agencies: ADB, European Commission, UNDP
About us
TAC (Thierry Apoteker Consulting) s.a.s is a private partnership created in France in 1991 with the aim of translating fundamental research in the field of international economics and financial research into ready-to-use operational outputs for policy and management decisions. TAC has specialized since its creation on country risk and developing country economic development and difficulties. TAC is therefore a fully independent research group providing advisory services on emerging markets for financial investors and industrial companies. It has established a very strong reputation for being able to understand the key economic issues pertaining to developing countries and to deliver operational results to its private sector customers (large international banks and industrial / service companies involved in emerging markets) as well as to multilateral institutions. This reputation has been built on praised economic and financial expertise and the ability to design and calibrate powerful quantitative instruments and models. TAC remains a mid-size research group, but, being very specialized on country risk / quantitative developments, has the required critical size, with a 100% in-house staff of 12 highly skilled professionals. Even more important is TAC’s ability to complement its in-house staff with relevant specialized / independent experts, through a large network of consultants with whom we work regularly, either in large contract for private customers or for large international tenders issued by multilateral / public institutions. The very original and specific way of “producing” research and implementing complex projects enables TAC to keep the dedication, attention and closeness to customers’ needs that is associated with a limited size, while ensuring both the delivery of results, tools and processes on time, and the availability of the precise expertise needed for each project. We are very pleased to announce that TAC is a member of a consortium selected among the assignees of lot 1 (Studies and Technical assistance in all sectors) of the new EC Framework Contracts (EuropeAid/129783/C/SER/multi). This Framework Contract will cover short-term technical assistance requirements in the fields of investment, trade, development policies and macro issues for the next four years.