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Alfred Kamphonje • Work Experience: 15 yrs • MBA    Malawi   
Strategic Finance & Administration: MBA and Chartered Accountant with 14+ years of field-office experience in managing both financial and administrative aspects of complex, multifaceted, and donor- funded development portfolios with up to $250 million USD budget for international development..
Wayne Hancock • Work Experience: 32 yrs • Ph.D    Australia   
Plant Scientist and capacity building, horticulture (including applied genetics, propagation, production, post harvest and markets) and agriculture with experience in water resources (including drought risk management), irrigation and environment, capacity building and training, project management..
David Sargent • Work Experience: 46 yrs • Masters    Australia   
Hydrologist and water resources engineer with 40+ years of experience in Australia, UK, Asia and Africa. Most of my recent work has been in flood risk management including flood studies, flood modelling (hydrologic and hydraulic), flood mapping, flood mitigation, flood damage estimation, also..
Common Fund for Commodities
The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) is an autonomous intergovernmental financial institution established within the framework of the United Nations. The..
ATC Consultants
Since 1985, ATC Consultants has successfully implemented complex and innovative projects in more than 50 countries covering all five continents. Initially,..
Krebs und Kiefer International GmbH&Co.
Krebs und Kiefer International GmbH Co. , Darmstadt (Hilpertstr. 20, 64295 Darmstadt; Geschäftszweig Beratung, Planung und Bauleitung im Hoch-, Tief-,..
TeamNet International S.A.
We believe that technological infrastructure underpins, among others, the evolution of society. This is the very reason why we have planned to contribute..