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Legal residence: Kenya
Address: P. O. BOX 35643-00100, NAIROBI
Phone: +254729267462
Sectors: Rural Development, Civil Society & NGOs, Education, Gender, Social Development, Standards & Consumer Protection, Youth, Administration, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training, Statistics, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Other, SME & Private Sector, Grants & Grant Schemes, Programme & Resource Management, Research, Agriculture
Funding agencies: UNIDO
About us
Progeny International (PI) is a registered private consulting firm in Kenya since September 2010. Its major focus areas are:

a.   Business Planning & Cash Flow Projections

This segment helps individuals, groups, partnerships and companies to develop high quality business plans and proposals for the purpose of: Acquiring financing; Attracting business partners; enhancing business focus on strategic growth and development direction as well as determining the best preferred future for a business/ investment entity.

b.  Corporate Leadership Strategy Development

One major fundamental challenge facing business today is “poor or lack off corporate leadership”.  Under this segment, Progeny International team of excellent consultants endeavors to help companies, organizations and institutions to develop and inculcate a leadership attitude and culture among its members. We apply both indoor and outdoor activities including training, institutional leadership structure and systems assessment, evaluation and review for their effectiveness, relevance and suitability to promoting corporate goals and realizing organization’s vision.

c.   Training & Capacity Building:

At Progeny International, we value training of individuals and organizations. This follows our skillful performance of Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and or Institutional Capacity Assessment (ICA). Trainings are then developed and delivered to meet and satisfactorily address the already identified organizational needs. Seminars, Training workshops, Executive Coaching, One-on-One Coaching and Camp-Based Trainings and Team Building Sessions are the key activities undertaken under this segment.

d.   Project / Program Proposal Writing

Proposal writing is quite a challenging task in today’s society where grants and development aids have become a core component in supplementing the government’s development initiatives. At Progeny International, we understand and appreciate the complexity and technicality with which project proposals requirements posit on NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and other community service organizations. Our experienced team of consultants helps organizations and individuals to develop and prepare grant and projects proposals that accurately meet the requirements of various grant makers and financing agencies. Proposal writing at Progeny International is made even more effective through application of specialized Micro Soft Project Proposal Software, thus ensuring total quality control and outcome management and measurements.

e.  Business / Corporate Profile Writing

Excellent business organizations have excellent corporate profiles, capable of self selling and attracting new customers while retaining old customers, including shareholders to the business. At Progeny International, we help your business to synchronize its successes and understand clearly its SWOT and WOTS UP analysis by developing a solid corporate profile for your business. It’s all about corporate image development and niche setting. Progeny International, therefore, enable your business to develop its own track record and performance profile to among other things, give your business an identity and distinctive corporate image; give the business a sense of direction and shape its future business trends and relationships; and to give the business legitimacy and credibility for its existence.

f.  Donor fundraising and Grant writing

Community Voluntary Organizations (CVOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and now even the Government’s Devolved Development Agencies e.g. LATF; CDF; LASDAP; NACC / DACC / CACC; NACADAA and the County Governments – all need proper strategies for attracting development partners. In order to accelerate community and county development, grant writing becomes an inevitable component in strategic planning. Each and every development plan has a budget, each budget requiring clearly defined sources of financing. At Progeny International, we keep up-to-date database of all International, Regional and National Development Partners that could likely support your development project. We also help development organizations to vet and identify suitable development projects that are worth financing. To the Community Service Organizations, we help them to understand and factor in all the mandatory donor requirements while developing proposals or responding to a Request for Proposals (RFP) from donor agencies.

g. Curriculum Design, Reviews and Evaluation

Career Educationists at Progeny International (PI) are expatriates in:

  1. Professional/vocational/technical career training curriculum design and development;
  2. Organizational/institutional short-courses and capacity development training curriculum designs, evaluations and reviews.
  3. Specialized Training Needs Curriculum Development and Implementation;
  4. Evaluation of different curricula to determine their effectiveness, relevance and suitability to the prevailing needs of the job markets.

At Progeny International, we therefore endeavor to keep your training programs relevant and suitable to the needs of the day.

h.   Gender Mainstreaming:

Progeny International (PI) holds to the fact that, “NO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” can be realized without gender mainstreaming. Through participatory institutional assessment, policy reviews and program evaluations, our team of Gender Mainstreaming Experts, are able to help organizations and institutions to mainstream gender into: Projects/ Programs; Institutional/ Organizational Policies and Strategic Plans; and the Institutional Leadership Levels. We also conduct advocacy and lobbying for enhancing adequate gender mainstreaming in line with prevailing local social and political developments favoring gender mainstreaming in Kenya. We pay attention to international standards for Gender Mainstreaming according to Beijing Conference Resolutions (1990) and UNDP Guidelines on Gender Mainstreaming (2000).

i.  Business, Schools, Colleges, Churches, Companies, Societies, NGOs, FBOs, Trusts, CBOs and SACCOs Formation, Registration and Documentation

The legal affairs department of Progeny International is charged with the vanguard task of (among other things): -

  1. Writing and commissioning all legal instruments required for securing legal status of your organization. These instruments include but not limited to: The Constitution, Rules & Regulations; Articles and Memorandum of Association; Partnership Deeds; Minutes and Preparation of Registration Application Forms for your respective entity.
  2. Processing the Registration and Certification of your Organization / Business Company / NGO / Church / Faith Based Organization / Society or SACCO.
  3. Preparing Business Profiles for the purpose of marketing and promoting a business among its prospects.
  4. Preparing prospectuses for companies intending to float shares at the Nairobi Stock Exchange
  5. Preparing Mergers and Acquisitions for Companies and Businesses;

Progeny International is thus your one-stop center for all your business development and operation needs.