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PostJob API
DevelopmentAid PostJob API is a software interface which allows third party applications to post jobs on the DevelopmentAid job board. The API is based on a simple "post and forget" principle.

How does it work?
Your system/application sends the job data to us, and we either save it to our job board if the data is correct or we return you a list of errors if something went wrong.

Why would an organization use the API?
The nice thing about the API is that once it is integrated in your system you can forget about manually posting jobs on DevelopmentAID. The jobs posted on your website are immediately posted on DevelopmentAid too.

Who is eligible to use the API?
This service is available to all organizations registered on DevelopmentAid. For more details on how you can benefit from this service please contact us at
For Developers

To get full documentation on the PostJob API, please login into your organization account.

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