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Ockenden International
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United Kingdom
“ Ockenden International is well known for the high quality of its work in very remote and challenging locations”. - Kofi Annan , the then Secretary-General of the United Nations on the 50th anniversary of the charity.
Life for Relief and Development is a non-profit humanitarian charity founded in 1992 by concerned Arab and Muslim American professionals in response to the humanitarian crises that developed in Iraq as a result of the 1991 Gulf War. Today, Life for Relief and..
At JEN we put our utmost efforts into restoring a self-supporting livelihood both economically and mentally to those people who have been stricken with hardship due to conflicts and disasters. We do so promptly, precisely, and flexibly by fully utilizing local human and..
International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) working together with Governments, United Nations and other International institutions to promote and protect the basic fundamental human rights of the masses declared in the universal charter of human rights of United Nations to..
Deloitte Senegal
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Company is working in General business business activities.
Disabled Peoples' International is a network of national organizations or assemblies of disabled people, established to promote human rights of disabled people through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development.
ISET 's work focuses on understanding social and environmental change processes, including climate change and urbanization, and supporting adaptive responses to the fundamental challenges such processes pose for society and marginalized populations. Our work brings..
The Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) was conceived by like-minded HRD professionals in 1999 and became functional in March 2000, it has grown steadily and quite efficiently over the years. It originated as a Network of professionals and a platform where they..
ASA International
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ASA , one of the leading NGO Microfinance Institutions (NGO-MFI) in Bangladesh, has long been providing Technical Assistance (TA) to numerous Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) around the world. To date, ASA experts have worked in 15 countries – providing TA to MFIs with..
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Australia, New Zealand
MRCagney is one of Australasia’s leading independent transportation consultancies, with a reputation for excellence in complex and unusual projects.  The company operates across the Asia-Pacific region from its offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore..
I am a freelance consultant specialising in public financial management...
Key qualifications: 30 years experience in managing international &...
Yair Eshel is a visionary helping to bring the most modern agricultural...
Highly experienced in recovery and development programmes, with specialist...
Medical doctor, MBA, successful at starting, building, growing and improving...
Expert in international trade law and policy; dispute settlement &...
25 years banking experience in the Corporate sector with JP Morgan. More...
Graduates in Politics (International Relations) and in Development...
Areas of Expertise: Community Drivven Development Social and Poverty...
Mestrado em Sociologia, opção Modos de vida e políticas...
I am an idealistic yet a realistic person who is very eager and enthusiastic...
 I have 19 years of experience of working with Development Cooperation,...
Civil Society & NGOs, Food Security, Health, Humanitarian Aid &...
A highly experienced engineering professional with over 25 years...
Twenty Two (22) years in international development with a wealth of skills...