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Maintained Database
Nationality Netherlands
Years of experience 36
Languages Dutch (excellent), English (excellent), French (good), German (good), Portuguese (excellent)
Countries of experience Angola (3), Netherlands (3), Somalia (2), Mozambique (2), Yemen (1), Bulgaria (1), Burundi (1), Guinea-Bissau (1), India (1), Indonesia (1), Liberia (1), Mauritania (1), Nigeria (1), Papua New Guinea (1), Uganda (1), Zambia (1)
Sectors of experience Water & Sanitation (9), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (8), Training (6), Mechanical Engineering (6), Monitoring & Evaluation (4), Programme & Resource Management (4), Civil Engineering (3), Food Security (2), Fundraising (2), Procurement (2), Rural Development (2), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (2), Disaster Reduction (2), Research (1), Civil Society & NGOs (1), Advocacy (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (8), Unicef (2), FAO (1), UN (1), Other (1), USAID (1), UNDP (1), DFID (1)
Key qualifications Programme Co-ordination and Project Management in Development- and Emergency Aid. Project Identification and proposal writing. Monitoring and Evaluation. Drinking water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion. Shelter. DRR.
Nationality Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
Years of experience 18
Languages Bosnian (excellent), Croatian (excellent), English (excellent), German (good), Montenegrin (excellent), Serbian (excellent)
Countries of experience Bosnia and Herzegovina (11)
Sectors of experience Information & Communication Technology (11), Programme & Resource Management (4), Design (3)
Financing agencies European Commission (4)
Key qualifications Information Technology experience in several EU projects. More then 15 years of experience in development and implementation of Information Systems. More then 15 years of experience in Oracle database administration and tunning. Extensive experience (15 years) in business process modelling and..
Nationality Georgia
Years of experience 21
Languages English (excellent), Georgian (excellent), Russian (excellent)
Countries of experience Georgia (10)
Sectors of experience Health (7), Laboratory & Measurement (4), Education (2)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications
Arnaud Mongbo Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality Benin, France
Years of experience 27
Languages English (basic), French (excellent), German (basic)
Countries of experience Benin (10), France (3), Cameroon (1)
Sectors of experience Banking (14), Finance & Accounting (4), Audit (2), Risk Management (incl. insurance) (1), Human Resources (1), Training (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (1)
Financing agencies UNDP (1), ADB (1)
Key qualifications 27 ans d’expérience dans le secteur financier et bancaire dont 23, en qualité de Cadre de Direction dans l’environnement bancaire.
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Nationality Kenya
Years of experience 15
Languages English (excellent)
Countries of experience Kenya (1)
Sectors of experience Finance & Accounting (3), Training (3), Audit (1), Grants & Grant Schemes (1)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications Specific Technical Abilities: Accounting Policies and Procedures; Financial management systems; Financial Statements and Reporting; Account Reconciliation and Analysis; Team Leadership and Performance; Finance and Accounting Process Redesign; Grant management. Over seven years’ experience in..
Nationality Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau
Years of experience 8
Languages Creole (excellent), English (good), French (very good), Portuguese (excellent), Spanish (basic)
Countries of experience Cape Verde (3), USA (1), Portugal (1)
Sectors of experience Human Resources (2), Research (1), Training (1), Administration (1), Procurement (1), Environment & NRM (1), Translation (1)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications Mastery of techniques and tools Management of Human Resources. Knowledge of modern instrument Strategic Management Balance Score Card (BSC) method of knowledge about organizational diagnosis.
Balasubramanyam Muralidharan Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality India
Years of experience 31
Languages English (excellent), Hindi (basic), Tamil (excellent)
Countries of experience India (5), Afghanistan (1)
Sectors of experience Public Administration (4), Training (3), Advocacy (2), Human Resources (2), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (2), Civil Society & NGOs (1), Education (1), Social Development (1), Water & Sanitation (1), Research (1), Rural Development (1)
Financing agencies WB (3), UN (2), UNDP (2), UNESCO (1), Unicef (1), DFID (1), ADB (1)
Key qualifications Programme management, RBM and M&E, advocacy and campaigns, consultancy, teaching, research, and coordination advice. Multi- and bi-laterals, private and public sectors, international and national NGOs. Expertise in Governance, Advocacy, Campaigns, Service Delivery, Capacity Building, Human..
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Nationality Malawi
Years of experience 24
Languages English (excellent)
Countries of experience Malawi (11), South Sudan (2), Sudan (1), Mozambique (1)
Sectors of experience Water & Sanitation (11), Health (8), Monitoring & Evaluation (6), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (3), Programme & Resource Management (2), Training (2), Research (1), Social Development (1)
Financing agencies UNHCR (1), UN (1), DFID (1), CIDA (1)
Key qualifications A Public Health and Social Development Expert with a professional background in public health. Over 18 years of progressively professional work experience at national and international levels in planning, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of public health and social development..
Angela Pietrina Wanjohi Ngina Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality Kenya
Years of experience 12
Languages English (excellent)
Countries of experience Kenya (3)
Sectors of experience Administration (2), Other (1), Training (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (1), Fundraising (1), Programme & Resource Management (1)
Financing agencies AFD (1), Other (1), European Commission (1)
Key qualifications I am a skilled Program and projects management professional with accountability for planning, structuring, leading, and executing large projects or programmes of high impact and complexity. I am able in managing programme teams consisting of project management and project staff. I can lead the..
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Nationality Mexico
Years of experience 20
Languages Dutch (fair), English (excellent), Italian (fair), Spanish (excellent)
Countries of experience Mexico (3), Netherlands (3)
Sectors of experience Education (4), Other (1), Culture (1)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications I work for some years now on topics of Latin American politics and history. For example, I created for the University of Amsterdam couple courses for BA and MA levels (e.g. Neoliberalism and Conflict in Latin America), that contrast and put into a relation European developments and Latin American..
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