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Maintained Database
Nationality United Kingdom
Years of experience 32
Languages Cebuano (fair), English (excellent), French (fair), Nepali (excellent)
Countries of experience Nepal (6), India (5), United Kingdom (4), Ghana (3), Bhutan (2), Indonesia (2), Afghanistan (2), Sudan (2), Pakistan (1), Philippines (1), Myanmar (1), North Korea (1), Tajikistan (1), Botswana (1), Vietnam (1), Zimbabwe (1)
Sectors of experience Agriculture (19), Monitoring & Evaluation (13), Environment & NRM (12), Research (8), Marketing (4), Training (3), Rural Development (3), Food Security (2), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (2), Mapping & Cadastre (1), Media and Communications (1), Social Development (1), Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment) (1)
Financing agencies DFID (11), IFAD (8), European Commission (4), UNDP (2), FAO (1)
Key qualifications Over 20 years of progressively responsible experience of rural development, working towards sustainable development goals in Asia and Africa. Policy and strategy development. Sustainable and resilient livelihoods. Ecosystem services. Programme and project management. Monitoring and evaluation...
Nationality Belgium
Years of experience 16
Languages Dutch (excellent), English (excellent), French (excellent), Spanish (excellent)
Countries of experience Belgium (2), Ecuador (1)
Sectors of experience Education (3), Programme & Resource Management (2), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (2)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications Education and training with focus on the sub-sectors basic education, TVET and higher education: international frameworks, education sector policy development, curriculum development, professional development of teachers, school managers and other educational staff (in-service and pre-service),..
Silke Hofer Last update: Apr 24, 2014
Years of experience
Countries of experience
Sectors of experience
Financing agencies
Key qualifications
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Silke Hofer Last update: Apr 23, 2014
Nationality Austria
Years of experience 15
Languages English (excellent), French (good), German (excellent), Hindi (fair), Spanish (good), Wolof (fair)
Countries of experience Austria (12), India (2), Senegal (2), Germany (1), Croatia (1)
Sectors of experience Education (8), Training (5), Research (2), Media and Communications (2), Other (1), Administration (1)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications Experience in Identification, Preparation, Management, reporting and Evaluation of international Projects. Project Management.
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Nationality Bulgaria
Years of experience 20
Languages Bulgarian (excellent), English (excellent), German (very good), Russian (excellent)
Countries of experience Bulgaria (40), Tajikistan (1), Romania (1), Greece (1)
Sectors of experience Finance & Accounting (37), Grants & Grant Schemes (4), Procurement (3), Macro-Econ. & Public Finance (3), Training (2), Monitoring & Evaluation (2), Audit (1), SME & Private Sector (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (16), EBRD (2), WB (1)
Key qualifications Participation in preparation and implementation of projects funding from international organizations, incl. coordination and synchronization of project activities, administration of irregularities in the project and monitoring and internal control of the implementation of projects by..
Nationality USA
Years of experience 36
Languages English (excellent), Russian (excellent), Ukrainian (excellent)
Countries of experience Ukraine (6), USA (3), Afghanistan (2), France (1)
Sectors of experience Procurement (9), Finance & Accounting (4), Logistics (4), Grants & Grant Schemes (3), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (3), Training (2), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (2), Security (2), Audit (1), Other (1), Education (1)
Financing agencies USAID (7), Other (5), US Department of State (4), UN (1), European Commission (1)
Key qualifications International Program Management; Operational and Financial Management and Compliance; Procurement, Supply Chain, and Logistics: Offers 22 years of expertise in cost-effective management of end-to-end processes – from needs assessment, acquisition, delivery, and distribution, to monitoring of..
Anton Jacobus Olivier Last update: Apr 23, 2014
Nationality South Africa
Years of experience 29
Languages Afrikaans (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience Namibia (54), Botswana (5), South Africa (3), Swaziland (1), Kenya (1)
Sectors of experience Training (22), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (12), Water & Sanitation (11), Monitoring & Evaluation (7), Rural Development (7), Other (7), Urban Development (6), Decentralization & Local Development (3), Public Administration (3), Procurement (2), SME & Private Sector (2), Disaster Reduction (1), Research (1), Fundraising (1), Roads & Bridges (1), Programme & Resource Management (1), Poverty Reduction (1), Culture (1), Risk Management (incl. insurance) (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (9), WB (4), GIZ (3), Lux-Development (2), Other (2), USAID (1), AfDB (1)
Key qualifications Public sector expert: Experience in advising governments on institutional, HR, governance, infrastructure and economic development aspects. Performed as town engineer, project manager. Capacity Development: strategy, performance management, institutional development and project management...
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Mohammad Ruhul Amin Last update: Apr 23, 2014
Nationality Bangladesh
Years of experience 13
Languages Bangla (excellent), English (excellent), Tetum (basic)
Countries of experience Bangladesh (6), Timor-Leste (2), Laos (1)
Sectors of experience Health (9), Training (4), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (2), Research (1), Fundraising (1), Youth (1), Social Development (1)
Financing agencies USAID (3), Unicef (2), Other (1)
Key qualifications With more than twelve years of public health experience he possesses robust technical and managerial expertise in health, nutrition, population, and water and sanitation programs in both urban and rural contexts. He has a strong background of proposal development, fund raising, project management..
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Nationality India
Years of experience 2014
Countries of experience India (8)
Sectors of experience Research (1), Other (1), Procurement (1)
Financing agencies ADB (1), CIDA (1), WB (1), Other (1)
Key qualifications Professional experience of over 9 years in functional areas of business and social development activities for consultancy projects of urban and rural development sectors, viz. Water Resource Conservation & Management, Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drainage, Solid Waste Management,..
Réka Matheidesz Last update: Apr 23, 2014
Nationality Hungary
Years of experience 16
Languages English (excellent), French (very good), Hungarian (excellent), Italian (very good), Portuguese (very good), Russian (very good)
Countries of experience Hungary (9), Romania (2), Bulgaria (1), Belgium (1)
Sectors of experience Monitoring & Evaluation (6), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (4), Civil Society & NGOs (3), Training (3), Programme & Resource Management (2), Media and Communications (1), Information & Communication Technology (1), Labour Market & Employment (1), Education (1), Culture (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (6), Other (1)
Key qualifications Experienced development economist with a proven track record in planning, programming, and evaluation and monitoring of EU funds; combined with knowledge of sustainable creative sector economic development policy, creative cluster development and creative SME development. Thorough knowledge of..
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