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Institut für Verwaltungswissenschaften (IFV)
Legal residence: Germany
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Hasenritter
Address: Wissenschaftspark Munscheidstraße 14 D-45886 Gelsenkirchen
Phone: +49-2331-204214
Sectors: Justice Reform, Public Administration, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building
Funding agencies: European Commission
About us
The Institute of Applied Sciences in Public Administration (“IfV”) is an autonomous body within the University of Applied Sciences of Public Administration in the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. It is a registered and financially independent limited liability company according to German Law. With 18 million inhabitants North Rhine Westphalia is the biggest regional State within the Federal State of Germany. The University educates the middle management staff of all state organs including the police and the local government. The students in North Rhine Westphalia are educated with a 3 years obligatory program ending with a state examination and a diploma comparable to a bachelors degree in public administration. The education and the curricula are organised by a local government faculty, a state faculty, a police faculty and a social administration faculty within the University. Furthermore the University conducts a 3 years voluntary bachelor program regarding business administration in the public sector.