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Solidarity Fund PL
Legal residence: Poland
Contact person: Ewa Demczyk
Address: Bagatela 10/12, 00-585 Warszawa
Phone: +48 222 90 66 22
Sectors: Civil Society & NGOs, Human Rights, Democratization
Funding agencies: Other
About us

Solidarity Fund PL is a democracy support and development cooperation agency registered as a non-governmental organisation. The Council (Board of Directors) includes Members of the Parliament and other experts in the area of development cooperation, appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the President, the Speakers of the Sejm and Senate. Solidarity Fund PL submits annual reports to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of State Treasury and the Sejm Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Solidarity Fund PL pursues its objectives through re-granting. Solidarity Fund PL may also carry out its own activities, including in particular: organise conferences, trainings, seminars, internships and other forms of education; share information and experiences; carry out publishing, printing and reproduction activities; carry out informational activities regarding its own operations and the field covered by its objectives” (Statute, §9).

The geographical area of interest and activity of Solidarity Fund PL are countries included in the list of the DAC/OECD, and countries which, according to the annual Freedom in the World report published by the Freedom House, meet the criterion of being “not free” or “partly free”. Areas to which Solidarity Fund PL pays special attention include the countries of the Eastern Partnership, Central Asia and Northern Africa.