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Geopolicity Inc.
Legal residence: United Arab Emirates
Contact person: Gladys Nillama, HR
Address: Jumeirah Bay X2, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE
Phone: 0097144472717
Sectors: Rural Development, Education, Labour Market & Employment, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Poverty Reduction, Social Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Urban Development, Anti-Corruption, Conflict, Water & Sanitation, Justice Reform, Public Administration, Regional Integration, Information & Communication Technology, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, SME & Private Sector, Programme & Resource Management, Research, Finance & Accounting, Agriculture, Decentralization & Local Development, Mining
Funding agencies: ADB, DFID, European Commission, UNDP, USAID, WB, ARDS, GIZ, UNOPS, US Department of State
About us

Geopolicity is a strategic advisory consulting firm with an international reputation for excellence in the area of political and economic intelligence. Through our extensive group of leading international associates, we offer world class intelligence and management consultancy services to public and private sector clients alike. We specialize in research, intelligence and analysis in emerging markets and less developed countries throughout the globe including countries in conflict. In essence, we assess and interpret the politics of international business. We offer macro analysis, such as regional trade studies or country economic diagnostic work, as well as micro level analysis including sector specific industry reports and market studies. We factor the political environment into all assessments to provide comprehensive and evidence based analysis; without bias or political preference.