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Maintained Database
Ian Ashcroft Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality United Kingdom
Years of experience 11
Languages English (excellent), French (excellent)
Countries of experience United Kingdom (1)
Sectors of experience Human Resources (1)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications Extensive Board level strategic and operational expertise. Financial management skills with P&L, budgetary, and investment responsibility. Highly Commercial, profit-focused, with sales generation experience. Extensive experience of organisational restructures and development. Acknowledged..
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Mahmoud Benabbou Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality Morocco
Years of experience 41
Languages Arabic (excellent), English (good), French (excellent)
Countries of experience Morocco (10), Tunisia (1)
Sectors of experience Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (4), Training (4), Finance & Accounting (3), Industry, Commerce & Services (3), Procurement (3), Programme & Resource Management (2), Rural Development (1), Logistics (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (1), Research (1), Agriculture (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (3), WB (1), USAID (1), UNDP (1), EIB (1), ADB (1)
Key qualifications Très bonne maîtrise des Procédures contractuelles dans le cadre des actions extérieures de l'Union Européenne  (PRAG) et des Procédures applicables aux devis-programmes (approche projet) ainsi que de la gestion du cycle de projet. Préparation et finalisation des dossiers d’appels..
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Elizabeth Gibbons Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Years of experience
Countries of experience
Sectors of experience
Financing agencies
Key qualifications
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Nationality USA
Years of experience 50
Languages English (excellent), Sinhalese (basic)
Countries of experience Sri Lanka (9), Afghanistan (7), USA (4), Yemen (2), Iraq (2), Timor-Leste (2), Cambodia (2), Nepal (1), Indonesia (1)
Sectors of experience Law (7), Decentralization & Local Development (6), Education (5), Research (4), Human Rights (3), Advocacy (3), Public Administration (3), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (3), Monitoring & Evaluation (2), Youth (2), Democratization (1), Programme & Resource Management (1), Macro-Econ. & Public Finance (1), Justice Reform (1)
Financing agencies UN (5), USAID (4), Unicef (2)
Key qualifications
Keith Charles Prenton Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality United Kingdom
Years of experience 2014
Languages English (excellent), French (good)
Countries of experience United Kingdom (6), Pakistan (3), Egypt (3), Kosovo (2), Romania (1), Macedonia (1)
Sectors of experience Education (16), Programme & Resource Management (2), Youth (2), Decentralization & Local Development (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (1), Gender (1)
Financing agencies WB (5), USAID (4), European Commission (3), DFID (2)
Key qualifications Experienced in managing complex international education and workforce development project; Experienced in institutional and project administration, budget preparation & control. Has effective, sensitive, management and interpersonal skills & the ability to work with high level management..
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Nationality Syria
Years of experience 10
Languages Arabic (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience Syria (7), Italy (2), Djibouti (2), Macedonia (1), Kazakhstan (1)
Sectors of experience Training (14), Information & Communication Technology (9), Public Administration (1), Micro-finance (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (4), WB (1)
Key qualifications 9 years of professional experience in the field of training and teaching in designing and developing e-learning platform applications, within public services and international programs. Extensive experience in customizing and training ((LMS)) learning management system such as Moodle. Extensive..
Nationality Jordan
Years of experience 20
Languages Arabic (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience Jordan (2)
Sectors of experience Media and Communications (5), Translation (3), Transport (1), Other (1), Tourism (1), Education (1)
Financing agencies
Key qualifications High-calibre Communications Executive with over 15 years of multinational experience in different sectors in Middle East and North Africa; Provide effective communication strategies, advice, and support to top managements; MarCom plan creation and management ensuring consistency of messaging and..
Nationality Egypt
Years of experience 25
Languages Arabic (excellent), English (excellent), French (good)
Countries of experience Egypt (17), Somalia (1), Rwanda (1), Kenya (1)
Sectors of experience Water & Sanitation (19), Monitoring & Evaluation (14), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (9), Research (7), Grants & Grant Schemes (5), Civil Engineering (2), Gender (1)
Financing agencies European Commission (9), USAID (6), IFAD (3), WB (3), Other (2), Unicef (1), GIZ (1)
Key qualifications More than 20 years of experience in the water sector especially in Water Resources Management, Water and Sanitation (WASH), Environmental, and Capacity Building of Water User Associations, Community Participation and Development and Gender activities (in Egypt and Africa). And also substantial..
Arshad Siddiqui Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality Bangladesh
Years of experience 19
Countries of experience Bangladesh (20)
Sectors of experience Social Development (7), Research (5), Media and Communications (5), Training (4), Human Rights (2), Culture (1), Gender (1), Fundraising (1), Marketing (1), Corporate Social Responsibility (1), Civil Society & NGOs (1)
Financing agencies UNESCO (1), GIZ (1), WB (1), UNDP (1), European Commission (1), DANIDA (1)
Key qualifications Experience in the field of private sector development specifically focusing on incorporating vulnerable populations into higher value markets. Expertise in conducting assessments, designing projects, and evaluations. Experience includes: Business Development – Making Markets Work for the Poor..
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F. Wilson Myers Last update: Apr 17, 2014
Nationality USA
Years of experience 33
Languages English (excellent)
Countries of experience Afghanistan (4), USA (3), Iraq (3)
Sectors of experience Law (8), Training (6), Security (4), Justice Reform (2), Anti-Corruption (1), Macro-Econ. & Public Finance (1)
Financing agencies USAID (3), UN (2)
Key qualifications More than nine years in the international Rule of Law (ROL) field as a senior policy advisor, planner, and coordinator. I worked closely with Iraqi and Afghan government justice institutions, numerous civil society and professional associations, and other legal institutions on justice related..
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